Dow corning 732 / dc 732 Multipurpose sealant

Dow corning 732 / dc 732 Multipurpose sealant

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General Purpose Sealing
Kering pada suhu ruangan
Tahan segala cuaca dan vibrasi
Food Grade
Military Spect : Mil – A 46106
Dow Corning 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant
Primary Use General purpose bonding and sealing; making formed-in-place gaskets.
Applications Sealing flashing, vents, flues, gutters, marine cabins and windows, electrical boxes; caulking joints in sheet metal stacks, ductwork; bonding appliance parts, signs and sign letters; Adhering auto trim, appliance trim, name plates; making formed-in-place gaskets for compressors, gearboxes, pumps

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